What is F+I Assistant?

We live in a visual world. Statistics show that customers are much more likely to purchase finance and warranty products after watching videos that educate them on the benefits.

Engage Customers

Car buyers have been told all their lives that finance products are "a rip off." F&I Assistant engages and educates customers visually on the benefits of each product before they know they're being sold to.

2nd Opportunity To Sell

The finance manager will know what products the customer wants before they even enter their office. The finance manager also has a second opportunity to present a product they didn't express interest in.

Saves Time & Increases CSI

The finance manager no longer has to explain the benefits of all 5-10 finance & warranty products. This speeds up the buying process and increases customer satisfaction tenfold.

Interested in F+I Assistant?

We want to increase your dealership’s finance revenue and customer satisfaction. Shoot us a message with the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will reach out and give you a demo.

Meet Our Team

Our unique team consists of auto enthusiasts that have years of experience in both the dealership and the technology industries.
Jonathon Dunford

Jonathon Dunford


Jonathon is both a car enthusiast and a technology aficionado. Jonathon oversees the programming team, designs new features, and develops upcoming software solutions. Utilizing his years of experience in the technology sector, he stays on top of industry trends and the latest software breakthroughs.

Taylor Sanger


Taylor Sanger has redefined the automotive online marketing, sales and events based industry for years before Co-Founding his current venture: F&I Assistant. Taylor studied the car buying process, customer needs, and dealership weaknesses before developing the idea that evolved into F&I Assistant.

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